Benefits of Vitamin B

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Fall crops can be found at local farmers’ markets everywhere you look these days—talk about the perfect time to get your fill of green veggies packed with vitamin B! Benefits abound when you ingest this healthy nutrient, including a reduced risk of stroke and other serious conditions, an increased metabolism (which helps you maintain a healthy weight!), and a boost in energy as well as your immune system. Not only that, but it’s good for your skin and wards of anemia.

With all the benefits the various types of Vitamin B provide, it makes sense, then, that people who have a deficiency are more likely to be tired, depressed, and have health issues, including those involving their feet! With an increased likelihood of skin rashes, poor circulation, and lack of energy for a healthy exercise routine, your feet can become more prone to problems—which can lead to even bigger health issues—if there’s not enough Vitamin B in your diet.

So where can you find this all-important nutrient? Simply hit the nearest produce market and load up on green vegetables like broccoli, kale, and avocado. Choose whole grains and dairy products, as well as tuna, and other meats, especially organ meats. When you fill your plate with options like these, you’ll be filling your body’s need for Vitamin B and keeping yourself and your feet healthy and strong.

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