I have suffered for many years and seen many doctors for treatment of my Morton’s neuroma. All I was ever offered was cortisone injections or surgery. Dr. Ball diagnosed my problem, completely explained the alternatives, and offered a new treatment which has completely eliminated my pain without surgery. I can work out and enjoy my high heels again!


I have had increasing pain in my big toe joint since a football injury in high school. One doctor offered me a fusion of the joint which would have required 2 months of casting! Dr. Ball explained my problem, as well as all my choices for treatment, and together we decided on a surgical procedure which allowed me to return to sports without any casting, and only a few days off work.


I had suffered from a painful corn on my baby toe for many years. I had run out of shoes that I could wear for more than an hour at a time. The prospect of surgery scared me, and the idea of an ugly scar even more so. Dr. Wrubel’s gentle surgical treatment using plastic surgery technique has eliminated the corn. My friends could not believe I was back in regular shoes so soon, and with no scar!


I know this sounds silly, but I was laid low by an ingrown toenail. Any activity was excruciating. I did not know where to turn and was frankly afraid. From the first phone call through the end of my treatment, I was greeted with respect and by smiling faces. I have referred many friends and family to Far West Podiatric Medical Group and they are all happy I did.


Although my pediatrician told me my child would “grow out” of her flatfoot condition, my husband and I were concerned. I wanted an expert opinion, and to understand our options. The gentle warm demeanor of the doctor and staff immediately set my daughter and me at ease. I learned more about flat feet than I ever thought I would. Dr. Wrubel recommended a special type of foot orthotic for my daughter. Although no surgery was required for my daughter, I would recommend Far West Podiatric Medical Group for any foot and ankle care you or your children need.


We all hear about doctors who make you wait for hours, won’t look you in the eye, treat you like a number and cost a fortune. That is why it is so gratifying to find some who are very different than that. The warm demeanor, thorough explanation and sincere desire to help the patient, first and foremost, came through immediately. I cannot recommend these doctors more highly. They have changed my mind about doctors!


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