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When you have foot pain or an ankle problem, Far West Podiatric Medical Group in Hawthorne, CA is the place to bring them. With our compassionate staff, patient-friendly environment, and state of the art facility, we can handle all of your foot and ankle care. We offer you respect and a sincere desire to improve your quality of life by working with you to overcome your foot issues. Find out more about care for the following common problems.

Caring for Skin and Nails

Nail and skin careDr. Ball is an important part of keeping your feet healthy. Toenails seem like such small parts of your body to cause so much discomfort, but when toenails grow into the surrounding skin, it can lead to swelling and infection as well as pain. We can remove the offending portion of the nail and its root, so the problem won’t keep recurring. We’ll send you home with a post-op care package as well, to save you a trip to the pharmacy.

Treatment for Bunions

We always begin with a full evaluation to see what may be causing your big toe joint to stick out on the inside edge of your foot. Many times we can use conservative treatments like shoe modifications and stretches to keep it from getting worse. If surgery becomes necessary, we do a pre-op visit to prepare you, perform the procedure(s) on an outpatient basis, and provide medical equipment such as protective boots afterwards.

Dealing with Neuromas

This thickening of a nerve in your foot (often between your middle toes) can be uncomfortable, but many times there are ways to treat it that prevent surgery. One is to use serial alcohol injections to keep the pain at bay and allow you to function. If methods such as this do not enable you to do normal activities, surgery is a more permanent option.

Finding the Answer to Heel Pain

Again, there are many noninvasive treatments for pain in your heels, including a targeted stretching regimen, night splints, injections, custom orthotics, and sometimes immobilizing the joint while it heals. Rarely, we may need to do a surgical procedure to take care of chronic heel pain that doesn’t respond to other therapy. You don’t need to tolerate or work around discomfort in your heels. Come in and let us find an answer for you.

Caring for Ankle Sprains

This injury is not something you want to ignore or wait out, because aggressive treatment at the onset can do a lot to prevent long-term consequences. Come in as soon as you can so we can examine your sprain. We will discuss with you how the injury occurred and do a full physical evaluation. We will likely use imaging tests to rule out fractures or to see the extent of damage to the soft tissues. Then we can outline the best treatment plan for the severity of the injury. Sometimes we may prescribe orthotics after a sprain has healed to provide more stability to your joint and prevent re-injury.

Warning: The following gallery contains several graphic images of medical conditions.
19 Common Foot Disorders

Comprehensive Podiatrists in Hawthorne

We provide many other services, including treatment for diabetic foot issues, poor circulation, skin and nail problems, sports injuries, and children’s feet. We’re the one-stop foot care office for you and your loved ones.

Our caring staff treats patients from Inglewood to Redondo Beach and the surrounding communities. We would welcome the opportunity to be your foot care experts. Just call Far West Podiatric Medical Group in Hawthorne, CA by dialing (310) 675-0900 to set up an appointment, or use the contact form on our website to schedule. Our goal is to improve your quality of life with superior care for your feet and ankles.

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