Foot, Skin, and Nail Care for Summer

by | May 23, 2016 | Nail and Skin Care

Even though water restrictions have eased in some areas, Californians are all too acquainted with the problems of drought. Water is life, and the lack of it not only threatens our food supplies but also diminishes the beauty of our beautiful state. Your feet need moisture too, if they are to stay healthy and attractive. We want to share four tips for foot skin care during the summer months:

  • Soak. A good foot soak can be done with a small amount of warm water in a basin—just enough to cover the tops of the feet. Adding Epsom or bath salts helps to soften and clean both skin and nails.
  • Scrub. A soft brush is helpful to clean under and around the nails, but do it gently so you keep the skin intact. (Openings can allow bacteria and fungi in with unpleasant consequences.) This is also the best time to gently slough off dead, dry skin from any calluses using a pumice stone. Be sure to rinse afterward.
  • Saturate. After your feet are squeaky clean, dry them completely, blotting between the toes with your towel. Then slather on a good moisturizer. It will absorb into the softened skin and help maintain smoothness and moisture.
  • Spruce up. Caring for toenails includes trimming them when necessary using a clipper or cutter designed for toenails. Be careful not to pierce the skin or cut them too short. Don’t round off the edges, either. The goal is to cut them straight across and leave a bit of the white showing, as this helps prevent them from becoming ingrown.

Summer foot care doesn’t stop there, however. It also includes wearing supportive shoes that fit properly, not overdoing summer activities so you can avoid overuse injuries, and protecting your feet when you visit public pools, splash pads, and saunas. Gym showers are one place where we actually recommend wearing flip flops to protect your feet from fungus and bacteria left behind by others.

Practice these foot care tips and you should have healthier skin and nails despite our dry weather. However, if you still develop a problem, know that you can always call Far West Podiatric Medical Group for help. We treat patients from all around our Hawthorne, CA location—including El Segundo, Lawndale, and Redondo Beach—with personalized, friendly care. Call us at (310) 675-0900 or fill out the online form to set up your appointment.

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